New Jersey


What programs and tools do you use to draw?

Software: Clip Studio Paint EX & PureRef Windows 10, Intel Core i7-8700 CPU Ram: 16 GB Tablet: Wacom Cintiq 13HD PC: custom built

When did you start drawing?

I started digital art around 2009

How long does it take you to finish one illustration

It depends on the complexity. It's usually 3 hours to days.

What brush do you use?

Clip Studio Paint: modified g-pen and custom brushes
Procreate: 6B pencil

What canvas size do you use?

Chibis, headshots and halfbodies - A5 300 dpi Fullbodies and more complex work - A4 to A2 300 dpi
Manga pages - B5 350 dpi

Do you take requests?

No, I have no time to draw for myself more so for free. T - T I do twitter polls for fanart.

Do you take art trades?

No, unless we are close friends

Do you take commissions?

I accept commercial work for games, albums, books and videos. Please email me at with details about the project and your company. I don't accept personal commissions* at the moment. *personal commissions are commissions where I draw characters for personal-use.

Can I use your art as icon or profile picture?

Yes. Credit in your bio is appreciated but not required.

Can I repost your art?

Yes, you can repost under the following conditions:

  1. My watermark is not covered of cropped off.
  2. A link to my sites & original artwork is easily found in the description.

Can I use your art in my Youtube video/thumbnail?

Yes, you can use it in your YouTube videos/channel as long as you provide a link to my Twitter/Pixiv/website in the video description.

Art Usage